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a few words about Diane

I am Diane Cervantez and I have lived in the Vegas valley for over 30 years. I remember when Rainbow Boulevard was just a 2-lane road out in the middle of the desert…way out in the desert….as in, no streetlights. There were not even any stoplights on Sunset. And where the Galleria Mall sits was nothing but desert. Ok, I digress. Let’s just say I’ve been in the valley a really long time.

I have been performing Obstetrical ultrasound scans for almost as long as I have lived in Nevada (that means looking at a lot of cute babies). Would you believe me if I told you that I was a child prodigy and started scanning around age 5? I have now scanned generations of babies (that means I’ve been doing it a long time…remember child prodigy). I have been amazed and humbled when I have been scanning a woman’s baby and the woman’s mom will say, “ Diane, you scanned her when she was in my belly!” Even after 20+ years (the old child prodigy right) the woman’s mom remembers me…crazy really. Even after all of these years, looking at babies on the ultrasound brings a smile to my face. That is saying something don’t you think? How many people can do the same job for that long and still love what they do and the joy it brings to moms, dads and families. To be able to share that memory with them is so special to me.

The joy of seeing the wonderment…

on the parents when they first see their babies has been the catalyst that has brought about “Oh Baby Baby”. I want to be able to offer ultrasounds for pregnant moms and dads. I want to offer them the opportunity to be able to peek at their babies whenever they wanted and share it with as many people as they wanted using the newest technology available without worrying about their insurance company approving it. I have brought in the newest GE ultrasound with 4D HD capabilities (just know it is a sweet machine). The new HD capabilities make it as if you are looking at your baby through a window, simply amazing really. I have hired only trained sonographers (people who have been trained in ultrasound) with great personalities and the ability to take the cutest of pictures.

Because baby things are just so darn cute, I just couldn’t resist having a baby boutique along with the 4D studio. I really have too much fun shopping for all of the items in the boutique (just ask my husband), looking for those unique special items, keepsakes, heirlooms and gifts for those unique special babies. I have hand selected and searched near and far for the items offered in the boutique. I didn’t want what every other store offers (now what would be the fun in that), I have found people who are gifted to handcraft many of the items offered. I even have a buyer who is constantly on the lookout for vintage and “shabby chic” items many are one of a kind all are high quality.

So I offer my personal invitation to you to stop by Oh Baby Baby.

Schedule an appointment to see your baby. Check out the fun baby items in the boutique. Come by often because pregnancy is a special time that (thankfully) doesn’t last forever. You will also want to see the unique items I have found for the boutique and that special baby in your life.

Celebrating babies,



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